Enema Bag Care

Caring for your enema bag or kit.

Cleansing and storing your enema equipment correctly is really important.

Because enema kits arrive pre-packed from the Manufacturer  it’s likely that the Enema equipment will need to be cleaned and then sterilised before you use it for the first time.

Metal equipment can be boiled to sterilise it, of course, however you can’t boil plastic parts. If you have plastic parts in your enema equipment you will need a good quality cold water sterilising product to sterilise your enema equipment (for example Virkon disinfectant tablets).

Sterilising all parts of the equipment is important so check for air bubbles that may prevent proper cleansing.  Use gloves and protective glasses when handling sterilising fluids and check usage instructions for the best way to dispose of the use sterilising fluid.

Once your equipment is sterile, rinse it thoroughly with good quality water prior to storage. Hang the equipment up in a dark dry place which is well ventilated. Keep the enema bag and gravity feed tube hanging straight down and set the enema  tip and tap open…this allows the equipment to thoroughly air dry and any excess water to fully drain away before you pack it away ready for the next time you need it.

For best practice enema bag care thoroughly clean and sterilise your enema bag every time you have used it or intend to use it.

  1. Store the enema bag safely where it will be secure and cannot be tampered with.
  2. Keep all the bit of the enema kit together in once place.
  3. Do not fold or kink the gravity feed tube as it will create a crease in it and it will be less efficient to use.
  4. Keep your enema equipment, sterilising tablets or anything else associated with enema bag care out of the reach of children.