Plain Water Enema

Posted in on the 16th August, 2013


  • Home enema kit
  • Use fresh filtered or purified water

These enema recipes are based on enema recipes sourced from enema recipe authorities including qualified Herbalists, Naturopaths, Colonic Therapists & traditional published texts (many already freely shared in the public domain).

Great for beginners!


The best person to advise you on the suitability and safety of enemas or appropriate enema recipes is your GP, qualified therapist or Health practitioner. Please consult them before taking an enema.

  1. You’ll need an jug bucket or bag home enema kit
  2. 1 litre fresh, filtered or purified water (or bottled mineral water like Evian for example) at body temperature.

A simple plain water enema will cleanse the rectum and release toxins which may be causing headaches and flatulence.

It’s effects are superficial, but can be relied on whenever any of the other enema fluids are not readily available.

Plain water enema’s are a great way to pre-cleanse the rectum prior to having a enema using other solutions.

Please read our guide to taking an enema for more information.